30-inch mirror is here!!!

I have been to Canada and back. I left here on Tuesday and got back Saturday evening. Only 2600+ miles round trip. Quite a drive. Exciting amounts of gas consumed by my Hummer. Getting through Customs with an object that few people (and zero border officers) have ever heard of is a delightful process. I have lots of kewl pictures to show of the impressive shop where the mirror was made.

Now that there is a freshly aluminized 30″ mirror in my possession, it’s time to start building a telescope around it. Perhaps we can have a New Year’s celebration by freezing our butts off while we drink hot chocolate and look through a 30″ scope…

I know we said it would be fun if I kept everybody updated with a trail of bread crumbs as I traveled, but that obviously did not happen. Driving that many hours in that short of time is pretty stressful – especially when you are as easy-going as I am; non-resentful of overt threats to life and limb as I am; and as forgiving of profound acts of driver stupidity as I am. Getting into a motel and passing out was about as much as I could accomplish at the end of each day.